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Client Tip #1: Surviving Legal Problems

As an individual facing legal issues or decisions, you may be struggling to reconcile the way your life is with long-held conditioned beliefs of how life “should be.” Your current life situation may include the breakdown of a marital relationship, job loss, loss of freedom, financial difficulties,

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How to Better Connect With Clients

Most law clients fit into one of two categories: (1) individuals facing consequences involving perceived loss; or (2) individuals or corporate entities looking to maximize material or financial wealth. In either case, most clients are likely struggling to some degree to accept the impermanence of certain aspects

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The Illusion of Justice

Every day, tens of thousands of attorneys file civil lawsuits on behalf of individuals and corporate entities. A similar number of prosecutions or regulatory enforcement actions are instituted in criminal courts and before various state and federal agencies. In most cases, the foundational spark to these lawsuits

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Law Practice as a Springboard to Inner Peace

Holistic law practice emphasizes the unique core of an individual that lies beyond his or her “problematic” real life legal situations. The holistic focus, emphasizing mindful attention on the present moment, often collides in law practice with client concerns which are typically future-focused, often manifesting themselves in

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A Holistic Approach to Debt

The degree of financial overextension in America represents the intersection of cultural conditioning and personal responsibility. For most of us, the American Dream was inculcated early in life, instilling the idea that if we got an education, worked hard, etc., then our lives would take shape in

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A Holistic Approach to Divorce

As with most other forms of human conflict, divorce can often trace its root to a disconnect of one or both partners to their core sense of being. This disconnect was likely present at the time the couple met and, in most cases, has persisted either saliently

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