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The Primary Care Approach Applied to Legal Services

A century ago it was feasible for a physician to have sufficient mastery over medical treatments and remedies so that he or she could offer treatment to patients no matter what the diagnosis. As the range of treatment approaches, surgical techniques, and the sheer volume of medical

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Existential Minefields of Law Practice

Through a good portion of my life as an attorney, my actions and decisions have been ego-driven, i.e., rather than being directed by my true sense of self rooted in present-moment awareness, my actions have been largely dictated by a need to strengthen my ego and ensure

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Pitfalls of the Adversarial System

Yesterday I received a series of e-mails form opposing counsel in a divorce matter (even the term “opposing” counsel has no place when trying to work through issues raised by a couple separating after more than ten years of marriage, but this is the recognized terminology). The

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The Inner Law

It is often said that we are “a nation of laws.” What may be more accurate is that we are “a nation of government.” Our government is largely charged with the responsibility of reigning in undesirable behavior, and encouraging more benevolent behavior through the enactment of statutes

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Basic Philosophy

Over the past few decades, segments of our society have begun to open to a more holistic approach in addressing increasingly deep-rooted problems. ¬†Western medicine has come to integrate the more proactive notion of “wellness” as opposed to the traditional paradigm which almost exclusively stressed the reactive

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