Law Practice

Legal Problems as Transformational Opportunities

America appears largely entrenched in an approach to life that emphasizes immediate remedies to unpleasant feelings and situations. Visit most physicians complaining of anxiety, sadness, or digestive problems and you are likely to leave with a prescription for some pharmaceutical remedy. If sitting in boredom wondering where

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Mindful Lawyering

Traditional legal training, from the first LSAT prep class to the final bar exam question, heavily emphasizes one’s ability to intellectually discern differences and analyze those differences in a most logical and detached fashion. Through immersion in this process over several years, one comes to almost exclusively

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Law Practice as a Springboard to Inner Peace

Holistic law practice emphasizes the unique core of an individual that lies beyond his or her “problematic” real life legal situations. The holistic focus, emphasizing mindful attention on the present moment, often collides in law practice with client concerns which are typically future-focused, often manifesting themselves in

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