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Random Thoughts

What Is A Holistic Lawyer?

In an industry as shrouded in mystery and misinformation as the legal industry, most anything out of the ordinary is met with a fair amount of skepticism.  The public is confused enough when trying to define a “lawyer” versus  “attorney” or “esquire.”  When I introduce the concept

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Mindfulness, Compassion, and Legal Challenges

Having lived in an area of Oakland, California for nearly ten years that is plagued with homelessness, graffiti, illegal dumping, and other manifestations of urban malaise, my ability to accept situations around me and embrace all others with compassion is challenged on a daily basis. So much

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A Return to Here and Now

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can prove particularly challenging for mindfulness practice. Commercial and societal messages of things we should have or want, the way our lives should be, etc., confront us at every turn and through all forms of media. We may feel

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