Ego as a Precursor of Legal Problems

Staunch individualism that has permeated our media-driven culture often leads to thought-driven ideas about happiness and how life “should” be.  The proliferation of connected mobile devices, and the increasing amount of time that most of us spend planted in front of computer screens has created an almost irrepressible pull away from grounded, present-moment experience and increasingly into egoic notions of “happiness.”

When we become disconnected from present-moment experience, we almost inevitably experience some nagging ennui, a lack of inner peace and contentment that commonly leads to what many people term “unhappiness.”  At such a point, unless we can inject a good degree of consciousness into our moment-to-moment life, we can easily be swept away by external forces that may serve to temporarily alleviate this unpleasant state but will constantly be challenged by dualistic opposites, e,g., pleasure/pain, praise/blame, success/failure, gain/loss, etc.  When caught up in these dualistic notions, we will begin grasping at the positive polarity, and seek to avoid its negative opposite.

It is often in this grasping and avoiding that one can find the root of many legal problems.  Whether it is an ego-driven need for financial or material wealth that soon leads to financial problems, striving for social status that motivates one to conform his or her actions to media-driven ideals at the expense of more lasting inner peace and contentment, individuals caught on this treadmill of ego gratification will, at the very least, find inner peace to be elusive.  The same individuals are also disproportionately likely to soon find themselves enmeshed in legal problems.

By integrating mindfulness exercises into my law practice, I work to help clients not only resolve their legal issues, but do so in a way that can lead to lasting change and heightened inner peace and happiness.  To learn more about mindful law practice, contact Attorney Michael Lubofsky at (415) 508-6263, or visit