Professional Coaching for Attorneys

The way in which most attorneys approach practice – from a reactive, issue-focused orientation – is instilled early in one’s career, dating back to law school. The core ability inculcated in law students, and continuously drawn upon in traditional law practice, is the ability to apply facts to law. This is an almost entirely cerebral activity calling on the intellectual faculties of discernment and logic.

In contrast, the holistic approach to practice primarily emphasizes present-moment experiential awareness rooted in a sense of being. Thought and intellect are relegated to secondary status as tools to be deployed as needed to effectively deal with life situations arising in the present moment. This shift in orientation can often be very difficult for attorneys to internalize and consistently practice.

I also come from a background typical of most U.S. attorneys. My road led directly to law school from college, and to a large private law firm directly after law school. In traveling this path for over twenty years, I have a first-hand, experiential appreciation for how difficult the shift can be from a traditional focus on legal issues to a holistic approach emphasizing the client and his or her basic orientation to the world.

It is my appreciation for how difficult this road can be, together with my desire to work with others to create a better society, that motivates me to work with other attorneys interested in integrating a more holistic approach into their practices. As with my non-attorney clients, my professional coaching for attorneys emphasizes the heightening of conscious awareness and acceptance of present-moment awareness as a means of dis-identifying from entrenched thoughts and learned conditioning. If you are an attorney, this process can help to both improve your ability to connect with life on a deeper, more foundational level and make you a more effective practitioner with renewed creativity and improved ability to truly solve problems for your clients that transcend discreet legal situations. Approaching your practice in this renewed manner will significantly heighten your professional fulfillment as a practicing attorney.

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